Demos, Intros and Games

Since Collision is a rather old group, most of the fellows credited for these productions, are no longer members of Collision (See History of Collision). But since the wares was released under collision, I find it appropriate to put it here where they belong. Some wares are COOP productions..

All downloads are in either D64, T64 or PRG format (may be compressed in a common format of choice, but we try to avoid it - within reasonable limits). No cracks are present here - it´s demos, intros, music, tools and our own games... You can download most of these by clicking the name of the production (link), you will of course need to transfer the stuff to a C64 or use an emulator (see the Cross Platform and Emulators section).

Hmmm.. Credits could be improved on this page, but until then - see the productions for credits


Liberty - Collision, 1990

Our first demo!

Dump of a part from the Collision demo, Liberty, 1990


Cuba Libre - Collision, 1991

Released at Gathering´91 party

Screen dump, Collision demo: Cuba Libre, 1991


The Party Zone - A coop production between Topaz, Sharks, Extend and Collision, 1992

Released at Assembly´92 (Outside Competition)

Screen dump: A little CLI contribution to the demo, scrolls and swinging logo.

Screendump of the coop demo, The Part Zone, 1992


Lazyness - Collision, 1992

Released 8/4 1992

Screen dump: Just some logos and scroll.

Screendump of Collision demo, Lazyness, 1992


The Plague - A coop production between
Eurasia and Collision, 1992

Released at Assembly´92

The demo also contains a game.

Screendump of Eurasia & Collision coop demo, 
The Plague, 1992


Party Demo - Collision+Electric Boyz coop demo, 1993

Released at Assembly´93 (#3 at compo).

Screen dump : Just the IRQ loader part. Cute little thing by OCA

Screendump of Partydemo, 1993



Pipeline Rat - Collision Game

Just a simple game! And you can be sure it SUX! But it was just fun creating! :-)

Wave/Unicess: 1*1 charset, and logo+2*2 charset for the intro
Yoko: Intro Music
Tommy J: Game music
Artic: Game Logo and 1*2 charset
Domix: Code and Design

Screendump from the titlescreen to the game Pipeline Rat


X-2000 The Game - Collision Game, 1992

A very simple game done by Yoda and Yoko, with some music by Scortia/Vibrants

Screendump from game X2000



CLI intro - Intro, in this case used as a contact demo

Just a simple intro! Short and does the job. It has only been used a few times

Screendump from the intro


Intro from hell - intro

Rather short intro, nothing special. The intro has been used just a few times

Screendump from the intro from hell

Other demos and productions (No screendump)

Meetingdemo - Meeting in Copenhagen/DK 1992 with Collision, No Name and Brutal
Contact Domix II - Small contact demo (Outdated), the first Contact Domix was released while in Ideal
Megahertz - Diskmag, 1992
Call Digital Wizard - Commercial for the BBS Digital Wizard


...are to be added...

Quite a few intros has been made over the years. And I shall see if I can find standalone versions
And since I found some old games I was working on, incl. a 100% level editor for one of them. I might even finnish the game...



Music Packs & Compilations

There has been released some different packs and compilations with music from composers in collision. Here is presented some C64 wares for your entertainment. (Usual commie formats).

Zippers music (Egil P.)
Radio Pack #1
Radio Pack #2
Radio Pack #3
Radio Pack #4
Radio Pack #5
Radio Pack #6
Radio Pack #7
Bart Zax #1
Bart Zax #2
Golden Oldies Pack#1
Genius musix #1 - Dedicated to the memory of TLK/Extend!
Lonley Fly / Kraftverk (A music label under Collision)
Tango Ballet / Kraftverk
Foxbat Theme / Kraftverk
2ny´s heavy beat
Take a Break/Genius


Tools & Utilities

Released under Collision since the time of dawn... More wares to come... It´s like digging up dinosaurs on old disks... They are all for the commie...

CLI Packer 1.0
CLI Packer 1.5
CLI Packer 1.7
Single Color Sprite Logo Editor
FLI-Sprite-Editor V2.0


And of course there was some tool-fixes of different kinds, and some utilities for internal use only ... which are not presented here.

Swappers Copy /Domix
Turbo Assembler /Domix (Fixed to suit my own needs, For internal use)
Macro-Assembler 3.0/CLI (--||--, for internal use)

And some special Crunchers and Levelpackers, IFFL loaders etc...