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For anyone interesed in old retro computers, I am cleaning up and will only keep the C64 stuff I need (One set with monitor), and I better give you guys (and girls) a change. I have a few surplus items which I might sell. Be welcome to contact me (domix) if you are seriously interested. See About This Site for a link to my personal pages, where there also is my email address (see CV) .

The following items are available:
1 * Super-C- C-compiler for C64 with disk, manual and the registration card
1 * Commodore 128 (PAL),
1 * Commodore 1701 monitor - ( PAL)
1 * Schneider CPC 464 (not fully tested, I will later. can load a game from the tape recorder atleast and likely fully functional)
1 * Schneider GT-65 monitors (for CPC 464 etc.).
+ one C64's (PAL), (actually two but one need minor repair - expansion slot connector needs change)
+ Some books, some English, some German and some in danish language (Some BASIC, some assembler, and some hardware books) - ask if you are interested.

Things that I might be interested in buying:
Games for Amstrad/Schneider CPC 464 (I have two of those machines, one is mentioned above
Datasette/Tape recorder for Acorn Electron with some games

And be sure - I will still keep one set C64 :-)

Under construction... To be continued, fixed, modified and expanded!!!